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We will always be there for those in need

Israel is at war. The people of Israel are engaged in an ugly, difficult conflict which has been named “Iron Swords”. Ezer Mizion, Israel's largest health support organization, has once again expanded its wings to assist in this emergency. We are there for them with a deep commitment to our mission of choosing life.

We will always be there for those who need us.

What we do

Ezer Mizion provides vitally needed assistance to individuals and their families facing health challenges such as cancer and to the elderly, handicapped and children with special needs so as to empower and assist such individuals in maintaining independence, restoring function, preserving dignity and improving quality of life.

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Our Impact

Ezer Mizion has facilitated 5,053 lifesaving stem cell transplants in 47 countries since its inception and is now averaging 40 lives saved every month.
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Our campaigns

Our Services

Ezer Mizion's diverse line-up of services includes the world's largest Jewish Bone Marrow Donor Registry and specialized programs for children with special needs, cancer patients, the elderly, and those facing mental health challenges.
Bone Marrow Registry

Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Donor Registry matches people in need of life-saving transplants with genetically compatible donors.

Oranit Cancer Patient Guest Home

Oranit is a magnificent home-away-from-home, providing an escape from the world of chemotherapy and aggressive treatments into a haven of caring, cheer and support.

Ambulance and Transport

Ezer Mizion’s fleet of ambulances and volunteer vehicles provides free transport for the wheelchair-bound and mobility-impaired to destinations throughout Israel.

Food Distribution

Ezer Mizion distributes over half a million hot meals annually to family members of hospitalized patients, as well as to the elderly, disabled, and homebound.

Childrens Division

Ezer Mizion provides an array of services to maximize the potential of handicapped, high-risk, & developmentally delayed children; as well as alleviating financial pressure, physical demands, & emotional strain experienced by them & their families.

Mental Health Services

Ezer Mizion offers a variety of psychological support services and rehabilitative programs for people suffering from psychological disorders, emotional problems, and mental illnesses.

Golden Age Division

Ezer Mizion’s Golden Age Division offers a broad range of services and programs to empower Israel’s elderly population, enabling them to live out their years in comfort, dignity, and contentment.

Medical Equipment Loan

Ezer Mizion lends medical, rehabilitative, and pediatric physiotherapy equipment to tens of thousands of people every year, allowing early release from hospitals and making possible considerable financial savings.

Lifesaving Partnership

In 2005 the Israel Defense Forces and Ezer Mizion, signed a landmark agreement which enables every recruit to join the registry as part of their army induction. This collaboration constantly infuses the registry with young, healthy recruits of varied ethnic groups, greatly expediting DNA matches for many cancer patients around the world.



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