Ezer Mizion Canada

When the World Comes Crashing Down

I want to write a bit about Ezer Mizion, but first, I want say that no words sufficient to describe what my family and I feel about this special organization.
My name is E. and I am a

32 year-old mother of three.  A year ago I became ill with breast cancer, and my entire world came crashing down.  In the hospital I was told that there is an organization that organizes a summer camp for several days and I was asked if I want to come, together with my family. In truth, my first reaction was:  What is there for m
e to do in a camp in my situation, after surgery – maybe cocoa and a roll and at the most a bracha.  Nonetheless, we decided to go and from the very first minute we realized that we would get everything except the cocoa and the roll.
The tremendous investment and organization were immediately obvious.  We were so touched by the personal treatment and the warm embrace each member of the family received- as if he were the only one in the world.  A jeeping trip, a visit to the Knes
set, a trip to the Kotel, Luna Park, and much more were only part of five unforgettable days.
Since then we have kept in touch with Mrs. Rivka Friedman, who has become like a second mother to us.  Every telephone call we received from her relayed only good news.   Ezer Mi
zion has helped us with many things and we learned that for these dear people, giving is fun; putting a smile on someone’s face gives them pleasure.
Ezer Mizion also helped us with our difficult financial circumstances.  They fully equipped our son for school, and gave us scrip to help us enjoy the holidays.  May they be blessed and may the Creator bless them all with health and long days.


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