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When an Advocate is Needed

appeared in: Yated Ne’eman
Reshut Harabim section – letters to the editor
July 22, 2014
Assistance to the Public in Obtaining Information about Entitlements at Bituach Leumi for Disabled Children
One of our children has a medical problem we are dealing with. When we submitted a request to Bituach Leumi for a Disability Allotment, as rightfully provided by law, we were issued a flat refusal. We heard that there are companies who help people like us actualize entitlements and take a hefty percentage in return.
At the last minute, before we turned to one of these companies, we found out that Ezer Mizion runs an Advocacy Unit that serves parents of children under age 18, where they provide assistance at no cost pr phone(tel. 073-395-6703).
We called them and were received graciously. They guided us, step by step, telling us exactly what to do, and thanks to their counsel. I am glad to share with you that we have started receiving an allotment for 100% disability at Bituach Leumi. Not only that – after being advised by Ezer Mizion to submit another request, we actually received this amount retroactively for a year.
Even when Ezer Mizion was informed that we were awarded our entitlements at Bituach Leumi, they did not sit on their laurels. They went on to advise us how to obtain our entitlements in other places as well.
A great big thanks to Ezer Mizion – they benefit from the zechut of the tzibbur who relies on their help. It is important that people for whom these matters are relevant should be aware of this important resource and turn to them. This way, they can benefit from the full allotment, without any kind of reductions for “percentages.” Our wishes are that very soon, all the ill and disabled should be cured and all this will become unnecessary.
Respectfully yours,

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