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28 Days!

Ever since the Cancer Monster  had the nerve to join our family circle uninvited, “Ezer Mizion” has become our new household word.  Their sunshine has permeated every aspect of our lives.  

pr cancer support maoz 2013When our sweet little Maoz’s cancerous tumor was discovered, everything went very quick, breathtakingly fast. He underwent an emergency six-hour surgery. Present in the operating room were the Creator, the surgeons, and Maoz. Outside, waiting anxiously, were us, his parents, surrounded by our family and friends…and Ezer Mizion, who with their sensitivity and compassion, knew just what to say.

“Nachum and Hadas, if you want, our Ezer Mizion Oranit cancer patient guest home is here for you. Come take a shower, put your head down, have a rest, bring the children, have something to eat, enjoy a good cup of coffee, whatever you need, just say the word.”

A month in the hospital! A month! Twenty-eight days… when all you see are syringes, doctors, nurses, and patients, lots and lot of patients. Parents trying to cope, people whose whole reality was turned upside down.

Bonds are formed with fellow club members sharing the room, regardless of their background or religion. They celebrate Ramadan. They watch in awe as we sit on the floor on Tisha B’Av. But we share one common objective: health for our children.

For a month, our other children are farmed out. Routine no longer exists.pr food deliveries

We are both in the ward non-stop. Ezer Mizion volunteers flit through, giving out hot meals to everyone, and then again with a wagon full of prizes for the sick child, and yet again with refreshing coffee and cake for us.

Ezer Mizion’s Oranit guest home provides the ultimate five-star hotel suite, hot meals, and an abundance of tranquility iced with love. 

Dedicated volunteers, whose holy work is beyond description, wheel a metal trolley from room to room in the oncology ward and distribute muzli (a delicious combination of granola, sour cream and fruit bits)

A “happening” for the whole family before Sukkos at Ezer Mizion’s Oranit guest home – there is nothing like it. Entire families come to enjoy the experience.

Maoz prepares a colorful chain to hang in the sukkah, cuts decorative napkins, and… smiles. The whole family, together, engages in bright, happy activities for the holiday, thrilled that Maoz is eagerly taking part.

Ezer Mizion flows with positive energy. The staff hosts their guests with boundless sensitivity. Volunteers stop the clock to devote quality time, without taking a penny for their efforts.

Maoz receives a blood unit at the outpatient clinic. Alongside us are another three patients, all adorable children. The waiting time is something like the endless waiting for a flight. But then a friendly Ezer Mizion volunteer steps in with a light, fun card game and skillfully helps the children pass the time, giving the parents a few minutes to attend to their personal needs.

pr cancer support Sukah decorations at Oranit 2013 969993_237114019774875_238580596_nWe are just at the beginning of our expedition, and with G-d’s help, this journey will have a happy ending.

But the partners who help us haul our heavy backpack, the “quiet angels of Ezer Mizion make the way a bit easier for many of us. Our compliments and appreciation for more than a month of boundless good…

Albert Einstein said: “There are only two possible attitudes to live by: one is that nothing is a miracle, and the other is that everything is a miracle.”

And you, our beloved friends, we want you to know that we chose the second option. Thanks to the interwoven combination of warm prayers and good people, we are also fortunate enough to see it a very real way, not just as a cliché.

Do you have some spare time? You have a dream to do good? Then volunteer at Ezer Mizion!

Dedicated with love and admiration to the simple, humble people at Ezer Mizion’s, Oranit,  Donald Berman Rehabilitation Center whom we came to know closely, and to the amazing and dedicated volunteers at the oncology unit at Schneider Children’s Medical Center,  and to the special person at Ezer Mizion who orchestrates it all, usually without words, just with a smile – Yumi.

With our love,

Maoz, Hadas,Nachum and the family

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