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80,000 Evacuees with No Place to Sleep

pr amb Haifa fire 2016 4“80,000 evacuated Haifa residents without a place to sleep tonight” Ezer Mizion ambulances evacuating patients.
New Ezer Mizion Haifa branch director Moshe Beeri, together with senior Ezer Mizion leadership, have mobilized Ezer Mizion’s ambulance fleet to assist in the pr amb Haifa fire 2016 5evacuation of sick and elderly patients from the Carmel, Bnei Zion and Rambam medical centers in Haifa.
Ezer Mizion ambulances are working with local authorities to evacuate mobility impaired and handicapped pr amb Haifa fire  2016 3people from their homes to safe locations.
In addition, Ezer Mizion has opened an Open House hotline to place families for pr amb Haifa fire 2016 1Shabbos  who have been evacuated with volunteer families from other parts of the countrypr amb Haifa fire 2016 2

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