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And Now I’m All Better…

The secret is out at last! Yesterday, Ilai, son of Mickey and Emiraldo Katz, finally met Nofer Yaron, the donor who saved his life.
Mickey, Ilai’s mom: What a feeling of  tremendous, indescribable fupr bmr ilai meets nofer 2012 1489_ne_photo_stories1_d50b7lfillment, of happiness, of joy, and of lots and lots of love for the new addition to our family – our beloved Nofer.
Last night, our anonymous hero got a name: Nofer. She has a face, and it is the most beautiful face in the world. And she has curls, Brazilian-type curls, as if she is actually one of our “tribe.” And she has the most pleasant, gracious eyes I ever saw, honey-sweet eyes that you can just sink into and stare at for hours.
I hugged her just the way I wanted, hugged and hugged and didn’t let go. I didn’t care a whit that twenty people in the room were waiting for me to finish. I hugged her and told her I love her, and I can still feel the impression of that embrace on my body. My love for Nofer will never ever disappear.
It was no surprise to discover that Nofer is just the right kind of girl to do such a noble deed. It was as if a panel of angels sat in Heaven and searched for the right person. They sought someone who would take it all in the right proportion, who would come from a place of “yes,” someone who would gain from the experience and contribute a special added value to the experience – her heart. Nofer was born for the job.
Ilai came home feeling that he finally has a big sister, like he always wanted. Not just any sister, but rather the kind of super big sister that he really, really wanted, the kind that likes extreme sports, and remote control cars, and knows how to have a good time.
Ilai summed up the entire experience to his friend this morning: “Rempr bmr cell bagember that once I was sick, and I hardly ever came to kindergarten, and I had hospital and treatments and that kind of stuff all the time? This girl gave me her blood so I would get better. Yesterday I met her and she gave me a remote-control
Every additional word is simply superfluous.
A giant thank-you to the beloved staff at Ezer Mizion that stood by our side the entire journey and made this special moment that we waited for a reality – especially Nira, Leah, Yumi and Bracha and the whole Ezer Mizion family!


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