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Alon Meets Uri Zohar

Sometimes it’s the inability of a child to emotionally cope with the nightmare of cancer. Sometimes it’s an elderly patient in need of dialysis who has no means of ‘getting there’. Or it may be a new mother who is not able to handle her large family due to post-partum depression orpr gen Uri Zohar1438_ne_photo_stories1_743dc perhaps a six year old child whose development is hampered by his inability to speak.

Ezer Mizion, Israel’s largest health organization, with its varied and highly professional divisions, is able to address the needs of so many of Israel’s vulnerable residents with compassion, with respect… and with answers.

No need is too large, no need is too small to come under the radar of Ezer Mizion. A small wish that will strengthen the spirit enabling it to be a better partner to the ailing body becomes a vital goal to Ezer Mizion personnel.

Alon Paz has been hospitalized for over two years (!) in the respiratory unit at Beit Rivkah, after sustaining serious injury in a road accident. The days drag on and there is little his family can do to ease his circumstances and boost his morale.

For months, Alon spoke about his wish to meet the famous personality, Rabbi Uri Zohar. This morning thanks to Ezer Mizion’s efforts, Alon’s dream came true: He woke up to find Rabbi Uri Zohar at his bedside, with his inimitable smile and warm words of encouragement. The unexpected and uplifting visit was the best injection of optimism he could have gotten!


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