Ezer Mizion Canada

A Letter Meant for You, Our Dear Freinds and Supporters

pr fileDear Bracha and all the people at Ezer Mizion,
I wanted to thank you for helping us get adjusted.
Even before we had gotten to the hospital, you opened up your hearts and the doors of Ezer Mizion – Oranit and showered us with warmth and love.
I cannot describe in mere words how much you eased the transition and how your wonderful volunteers illuminated the dark and trying moments.
We know that you are going through emotion-packed days and we wanted to encourage you at this time and say that “tzaddikim are considered alive, even after their death.” There is no doubt that the amazing chessed enterprise that Motty z”l and you established attests to this axiom more than a thousand witnesses.
May your home know only joy and may you keep up your chessed enterprise, as only you know how.
With the deepest appreciation,
Uri, Rivky, and Adi

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