Ezer Mizion Canada

A Letter Meant for You, Our Dear Friends and Supporters

pr fileI had to write to express how deeply impressed I was by the “Heroes’ Retreat” that Ezer Mizion ran for people struggling with mental illness. Thank you to the organization and dedicated workers for their tremendous efforts and attention to every detail, all in the goal of bringing joy to the emotionally ill and providing them with positive experiences, so as to give them faith in their ability to cope successfully with their challenges.
I heard this from many relatives of mentally ill individuals who took part in the retreat, but it is hard to describe what I saw with my own eyes. Unfortunately, we are going through a very difficult time with our son. For the past three years, he has barely stepped out of the house, and he refused to go to this retreat, too.
At Ezer Mizion’s Mental Health Division, they would not give up on him. They tried hard to convince him to come to the retreat, and in the end, he gave in only because it was uncomfortable for him to say “No.”
Words cannot capture what the retreat did for him. He came home beaming, and even though a week has passed since then, he still does not stop talking about all the exciting experiences he had. We are confident that with Hashem’s help, thanks to the strength that he drew from this retreat, he will get back on the right track and will continue to progress until he emerges from his difficult condition.
With great admiration and appreciation,
Shlomo’s father

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