Ezer Mizion Canada

A Letter meant for You, Our Dear Friends and Supporters

pr fileI am overflowing with a song of praise and thanks to Hashem, Who never brings a person illness or pain unless He first prepares the remedy…
Today, I learned first-hand that the remedy Hashem prepares before the illness is – Ezer Mizion, as represented by the esteemed tzaddik Rabbi Avi P, Yankie L, and Avi E, who carry out their volunteering mission on behalf of patients with tremendous dedication.
Of them, you can truly say “With chessed (loving kindness) and truth shall sin be atoned.”
I called and asked them to come to the aid of my student, who had undergone heart surgery in Schneider Children’s Hospital and was hospitalized in the Heart and Chest Surgery ward.
I asked them to comfort him with calming words and food and drink, and to strengthen him emotionally, which I knew would also improve his physical condition.
Immediately, without hesitation and without any questions, they responded with a wholehearted,”Na’aseh v’nishma ­- We will do and we will hear.”
Feeling his heart surgery in their heart, they got up and came to his sickbed, bringing with them a royal spread of delicacies. Their kind gesture cheered him greatly, and this will surely affect the results of his echo-cardial test tomorrow. To protect their privacy, I will not copy here the enthusiastic message from my student’s mother, who was so overwhelmed, she could not contain her excitement.
How blessed we are and how good is our lot that we have such people of chessed among us, whose entire being, body and spirit, is dedicated to Hashem and to their fellow Jews.
May they be successful in all their endeavors, and may they merit to always be a help to the Klal and the individual, and may they be zocheh to see Mashiach, Amen.
Yechiel W
Modi’in Ilit

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