Ezer Mizion Canada

A Letter That Belongs To You, Our Dear Friends and Supporters

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The following was received from a family who benefited from Ezer Mizion’s worldwide What’s App program:
We aren’t used to being on the receiving end. It’s a lot more pleasant for us to always be on the side of the giver, who gives of himself and perhaps even feels a bit of pride that things worked out thanks to him…
But this time, when we were compelled to be on the side of the needy and the receiver, it turned out to be a very moving and important experience. We witnessed the broad-scoped response of people with a giant heart and boundless good will. We saw an unbelievably powerful well-oiled machine that is capable of moving, reaching, and propelling forward.
And we encountered many, many good souls whose sole interest is to do chessed with someone they don’t even know and who cannot even fathom how critical their deed is for that person. We were deeply moved to see the Jewish nation at its best – doing kindness out of true, unconditional love.
All praise to you, the Jewish people!!

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