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A Letter Meant for You, Our Friends and Supporters

Letter from one of the patients participating in the Support Group Make-up Event:
Beloved Ezer Mizion staff!!
I want to thank you personally for the special, wonderful evening you arranged for us.make-up.jpg
I am at the beginning of the recovery stages from this draining illness that exhausts body, soul, and spirit.
I went through very difficult days of agonizing treatments that left me with physical and emotional scars.
The event pampered each one of us, enabling each one of us to release the buildup of tension and intense preoccupation with illness and to once again experience the feminine enjoyment “being pretty”.
Above all, the event demonstrated how much respect you have for women who go through this cursed illness and waging a fierce battle for their lives. Everything was set up so beautifully, with attention to every single detail – the elegant, exclusive location, the elaborate and delicious food, and of course the very caring staff and volunteers who came especially to pamper us and lift our spirits.
One of the things this disease does is take away our femininity and beauty, the core of every woman. The treatments strike at our deepest and most personal aspects, those that are so important to every woman.
That is why this evening, which got us to once again feel feminine, beautiful, and well-groomed, marks a milestone in our battle for life. It spoke to us saying: “Look, in spite of everything you are going through, you are beautiful, inside and out.”
The congeniality and family feeling contributed to the aura of calm and warmth. Everyone felt at home.
And of course, the wonderful program, carried out so pleasantly and in such good cheer, gave everyone a good feeling and renewed strength.
At this opportunity, I want to thank the entire amazing Ezer Mizion staff of your department for your genuine caring and for giving far beyond anything required or expected.
And specifically, thanks to Ophira Porat, Batsheva, Tamar, and of course, to you, Ophira, for being such good “angels” lighting the way for us in the middle of our dark and difficult trail.
Wishing you from the bottom of the heart that you should always be on the giving end, with joy! May the good G-d repay you a thousand fold for the holy work you do!
Yours with love and deep admiration,

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