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“A man’s spirit will sustain [him in] his sickness, but who can bear a broken spirit?”

To the Staff at Ezer Mizion’s Cancer Support Division,
Companions in Our Journey
pr mental illness flower MB900436865This pasuk (verse) in Mishlei (Proverbs) expresses my feelings. At the beginning of my son’s illness, I felt inside literally like a “broken spirit.” The difficulty and the challenge presented me with seemingly impassable obstacles. For example, I experienced anxiety and stress that led to sleeplessness, eating problems, restlessness, etc.
When I came to Ezer Mizion and asked for help, in the knowledge that this was the right address, they responded immediately, happily and with plenty of optimism and hope. You sent me an amazing psychologist with years of experience and professionalism, who had a deep understanding of exactly what I was going through.
You funded (and still fund…) for us the steep expense, something which is beyond my understanding, and not at all simple. The main thing, as far as you were concerned, was that I should regain the strength to stand on my own two feet, with a smile on my lips, and fulfill my role as a mother to the precious souls who were entrusted to me, with all that entails.
Now I truly feel the realization of the first part of the pasuk: “A man’s spirit will sustain [him in] his sickness” – When the spirit is vibrant, when the spiritual part of the person is healthy, happy, and functioning, full of energy, then he can navigate and care for the illness and everything that comes along with it.
All that remains is to conclude with wishes and hopes: May your many merits stand by you before the Creator, that He shall fulfill all your wishes for the good for the duration of your life. May you merit to always be only on the giving end and be blessed doubly with light, joy, health, and Divine compassion!
Good People We Encountered at Stations along the Way
Life is a fascinating journey
With inestimably precious gifts scattered along the way.
Life is a long trek,
Twisting, turning, stretching out seemingly without end.
And along this course are stations, some more pleasant, some less.
At some stations, you have to bend your head
At some, your back aches, cries out in pain.
At some, the difficulties sear your soul
And the trials are so very hard to bear, nearly impossible to carry alone.
At some stations, Hashem presents a person
With the full gamut of complex challenges.
Sometimes the journey is tough and grueling;
The body aches, the spirit is bowed.
But if you are lucky, and your own personal miracle takes place,
Then somewhere along the way,
Hashem sends you angels in the guise of people
Who, with their remarkably angelic manner,
With initiative and practicality,
Give and give, without recompense.
Their help is always given pleasantly and with dignity,
In the right place and at the right time,
With no holds barred, with tons of love.
You have no idea how important your assistance is!
During this complex period, my family received a mother as a gift,
And I received myself, able to fight the battle
With strength, tranquility, and joy.
The professional accompaniment worked wonders,
Such dedication, courage, and patience!
This is my place, the one I won’t give up,
Where I can let myself go and then return with new energy.
I have no words to express my gratitude –
This is just a drop in the ocean of emotion that flows over me,
Hoping that these words, the utterances of my murmuring heart,
Will succeed in expressing at least a small part
Of the beautiful landscape that my eyes behold, thanks to you –
You who have changed the picture of my life!
May Hashem above, Who sees all that is hidden,
Who sees your devotion to spirits, to souls,
Deduct the difficulties from your journey in life,
Filling it instead with nachat and good health.
He will surely reserve for you the Hidden Light,
For you brought light to our home and our hearts!

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