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A Mentor’s Thoughts

I sat opposite a little girl…

Pained. Contorted. Paralyzed. Silent.

Will I succeed?

What is success?

Will I be able to bring a tiny ray of joy into a life of blackness…misery…despair

Will she smile?

Does she know how?

Will I help her to leave the planet of wretchedness, even for a moment?

Her mother also sits across from me, poised with anticipation

She is a mother

Therefore, she hopes

Despite all, despite everything – this is her little girl, she is alive and so perhaps…

Because the game and the smile are the balm to soothe a wounded spirit, even if it is just for a moment… a shadow of joy.

And where am I, the mentor, in all this?

I see the anguish and I feel

I feel from the depths within me

I feel a desire to give, and give, and give some more.

And I face myself and ask

You, the mentor… She is so very sick… How can you do it? Have you lost your sensitivity?…And if not, does her pain not sap your strength…leaving you feeble…fragile…with nothing left to give?

My soul responds…

True, she is so very sick but I do not refrain from being there, from seeing it all, from sharing her suffering

I see..I share… and behold I can give

Her pain becomes my own

Myself becomes she…and she becomes me

Her pain is my own

And so I give and give. I give… to myself

            Rivka Sandomirsky

This is a letter written by the mentor of a child who was very, very sick with cancer.  Through the course of her illness, the child became totally paralyzed and then gradually faded away. She was five years old when she died in July. In the beginning she was very responsive, cooperative and full of vitality. With time, as she lost her capacities and became less responsive, she left the people around her wondering about how much they were indeed doing for her. She left them with deeper understanding of what helping other people actually does for those who are involved in helping others

The mentor relationship is part of the program at Ezer Mizion’s Cancer Division which includes its life-saving Bone Marrow Registry, many facets of professional therapy for patient and family members, trips, parties, summer camp and a one to one mentor relationship described so well above.


To share in the anguish of those families battling cancer, click on   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZKJJUDkEpg&lr=1&user=ezermizionenglish and see how you can help.


For further info: www.ezermizion.org







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