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A Plea from a Staff Member

Dear very wonderful people,
My everyday reality takes me through Ezer Mizion’s various departments and branches. There, I encounter a large number of sick people ­– people with physical maladies, mental illness, mobility impairments, and mental disabilities. Many days, I come home and cry over everything I’ve seen over the course of the day – the unending struggle that these patients and their family face! Their fear and anxiety over the future! The pressure of having to function in the midst of this volcanic eruption…
For many of them, illness knocks at the door as a totally unexpected surprise, interrupting rosy dreams and a marvelous life routine. For others, illness is a long, drawn-out agony, what people call “an unending chain of troubles.” For all of them, it hurts, causes an upheaval, and is very, very difficult! Yet, in the midst of all this suffering, there are wonderful individuals among us, who have joined as one, warm, embracing family (Ezer Mizion) to envelop these people with love, functional assistance, and physical and emotional support, a family that thinks, all the time, how to make it easier for people to better deal with their health challenges.
Our greatest joy as a family is to see those people who emerge from the circle of pain and come join us as partners on the giving end. Thank G-d, there are many of them!
Our greatest difficulty is to say a final “good-bye!!” Unfortunately, several times each month, we must part with dear people, whom we loved very much.
I cry a lot especially when I meet sick mothers, perhaps because my mother got sick and left me when I was just 12 years old, and I deeply miss her.
And perhaps because I myself am a mother to wonderful children, and every pain that veers from the standard really stresses me out…
I have taken upon myself to help recruit the funding for 100 bone marrow samples, on behalf of those mothers for whom life has become a “stop watch,” ticking away ominously, mothers who are fiercely battling to remain alive…
I’m sure that you’ll help me and donate at least NIS 180 through my page!
Together, we’ll bring in a lot more!!
You can push REPLY to respond, and Ezer Mizion will get back to you to arrange the donation.
With appreciation in advance for your coming forward to help,
Rochie  Meth – Schechter

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