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A Real Blah Day

Shalom Dear Readers,
You knows, some people call me a hero. But I’m just a regular teen who has ups and downs like everyone else. Last week was a down. Way down.
That absolutely terrific Ezer Mizion retreat was over. It was hot and muggy. And to make matters worse, my attendant was on vacation.pr sad-sulk MH900433818 A real blah day. I was just hanging around…well ok, I was sulking…I was bored, upset, hoping something nice would happen.
My family felt bad for me. That’s because they’re real special people. They had every right to be angry at me. I wasn’t very pleasant to be around.
Then the bell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone so I didn’t even go to answer it. I couldn’t have been more surprised when my parents called out that it was a visitor for me. For me?! Standing at the doorway with a big grin was Mordechai, my counselor at the Ezer Mizion retreat. It’s amazing how the Ezer Mipr spec CP camp 2013 Lipa 1004800_217946051691672_442905794_nzion people can sense when they’re needed. There he stood with a jumbo-sized package of pictures. “Invite him in,” my mother reminded me. I was so surprised that I was just sitting there speechless. Mordechai sat down at our dining room table and opened up the package. It was pictures of the retreat. Wow! Just what I needed. We relived all the exciting parts, laughed at the funny parts, sang the songs we had sung at the retreat, pretended to be Avrohom Fried and sangpr special camp 2013 Avrohom Fried his specialties- I got a solo- and had a great time just being together. He’s a terrific friend. Every single one of those Ezer Mizion counselors has become a close friend. There’s just something about the atmosphere at Ezer Mizion that makes for real sensitivity and caring.  When he left, I realized that my bad mood had flown out the window.  Looks like Ezer Mizion had done it again, this time even without a planned event.
Until next time,
Menachem Weiss
Menachem Weiss, a “special” teen, reports every week to Merkaz Ha’inyanim on an angle of life that he alone can talk about.


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