Ezer Mizion Canada

A TV Writer’s Tribute

Menachem Horowitz, writer for Channel 2, is moved by the giving on Mt. Hermon
“The first picture that comes to mind when I hear the words “Ezer Mizion” is a picture of dozens of cancer patients and their families conquering the snowy Mt. Hermon every winter. To see the sick children and adults, who just hours before were hooked up to I.V.’s and breathing devices, getting on the ski lift that slowly ascends to the mountain top is a picture that moves me again every year. As a resident of the North, I escort this event every year and try to help out with the project to the best of my ability, along with tens of other volunteers who accompany the patients and their families. Seeing the little kids scoop up the snow and fling snowballs at each other is a picture is worth a lot more than a thousand words.
A few years ago, I was also “privileged” to be on the receiving end of Ezer Mizion. I was hurt in a serious car accident and the organization escorted me through the rehabilitation period and loaned me the medical equipment I needed. It is not an organization geared only for cancer patients. Tens of thousands of people in Israel benefit from Ezer Mizion services every year – in the loan of medical equipment, transport for the disabled, hot meals for people at patients’ bedsides, and more.
Beyond all these services that the organization provides, I am especially impressed by the International Bone Marrow Donor Registry operated by Ezer Mizion. The Zisser couple, my good friends, founded this life work together with Ezer Mizion, a project that literally saves the lives of hundreds of patients every year. This life work was awarded the Israel Prize. The cost of running the Registry is staggering, and I call upon all those who want to share in the merit of saving lives to contribute to this important enterprise.
Each of us can find himself on the receiving end. May we always be only on the side of the givers, with good health and happiness.”

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