Ezer Mizion Canada

A Typical Day at Ezer Mizion

A patient lies helpless in a hospital bed. His family surrounds him. The room is filled with tension. He has one chance to live. A bone marrow transplant can savepr bmr daily routine 1480_ne_photo_stories2_feea5 his life but a genetically matching donor is needed.
Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Registry searches. They search further…further…  Success!
Initial testing done at time of registration indicates a very good match. The contact number is dialed. It rings but the potential donor is not at home.
When will he arrive? Not for several weeks. He is at camp. Somewhere pr bmr samplesout in California. Miles away from civilization. Miles away from a phlebotomist who can draw the blood for further testing. Miles away from life for the patient whose condition may deteriorate over the interim.
Ezer Mizion’s NY office is contacted. Mapquest joins Ezer Mizion’s NY office in its search for the nearest city. No accommodating lab in that city on Ezer Mizion’s list. Google and Whitepages.com rush to assist, providing a list of doctors, clinics, phlebotomists, labs— any entity which may be able to draw the blood and ship it to one of Ezer Mizion’s labs to be further tested asap.
Calls are made. Five o’clock comes and goes. Out to lunch…on vacation…please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible…sorry, we do not draw blood…sorry, we cannot be of service
pr general helping up mountainKeep dialing…next one on the list…yes, we’ll be happy to help. Relieved sigh. Paperwork emailed. Close office. Home. Another life saved.

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