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Israel's largest health support organization

Ezer Mizion, the Israel Health Support Organization, offers an extensive range of medical and social support services to help Israel’s sick, disabled, elderly and underprivileged populations. Since its founding in 1979, Ezer Mizion has grown to become one of the largest non-profit organizations in Israel, benefiting over 670,000 people every year. Ezer Mizion was founded in 1979 by Chananya Chollak and has 58 centers in 31 cities throughout Israel, with over 30,000 volunteers and an annual budget of $125 million.

Based on a philosophy advocating mutual responsibly, Ezer Mizion provides service to all applicants, regardless of race, religion or gender.

Our crown jewel

Ezer Mizion’s goal is to expand the registry enough so that each request is met in a timely manner before the patient’s condition deteriorates and a transplant is not longer feasible.

In 1998, Ezer Mizion established a bone marrow donor registry with the goal of enriching the international pool with potential bone marrow donors for specific, underrepresented ethnicities and unique genetic combinations. Ezer Mizion’s registry is a lifesaving resource whenever an unrelated stem cell donor is needed around the world. No one is immune to cancer and 10% of cancer patients will need a bone marrow or stem cell transplant as a therapy protocol. The registry is a safety net for humanity.


The Ezer Mizion International Bone Marrow Registry has grown to be the 5TH LARGEST REGISTRY IN THE WORLD after USA, Germany, Brazil and Poland with over one million registered members. An unprecedented collaboration with the Israeli army enables every IDF recruit to join the registry as a part of their enlistment process. This brings in about 55,000 young and healthy potential donors to the registry every year. OUR REGISTRY HAS FACILITATED ALMOST 5,000 LIFESAVING STEM CELL TRANSPLANTS IN 47 COUNTRIES SINCE ITS INCEPTION AND IS NOW AVERAGING 40 LIVES SAVED EVERY MONTH.

Continuing to grow

Ezer Mizion’s International Bone Marrow Registry collaborates with transplant centres around the globe by facilitating transplants for patients whose only chance of survival is a bone marrow transplant. About 70 percent of patients in need of a transplant do not have a matching donor in their family. Before the registry’s inception in 1998, the chance of a Jewish patient receiving a bone marrow transplant was only 7%. 

Today, with over one million potential donors in our database, THE CHANCE OF RECEIVING A MATCH HAS INCREASED TO 78%.


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Personalized Donor Pool

A Personalized Donor Pool is a unique opportunity for an individual or group to become a sponsor of the DNA testing of a segment of Ezer Mizion’s Registry. The pool can be named in honour or in memory of a loved one. Upon initial testing, every sample is given a tracking code.

A Personalized Donor Pool will enable significant growth of the Registry thus substantially increasing the probability of saving the life of each patient whose sole chance of survival is a transplant.

For more information on how you can become a partner in saving lives by establishing a personalized donor pool in the name of your choice, please contact the Ezer Mizion Office by phone at 647.799.1475 or via e-mail.

When a registrant belonging to a specific pool is found to be a match for a patient and donates his marrow, the owner of the pool is notified with the exciting news: YOU HAVE SAVED A LIFE!

As a sponsor, you can look forward to the gratification of receiving personal notification each time a registrant from “your pool” donates his marrow to save a life, MAKING YOU A DIRECT PART OF EZER MIZION’S MISSION TO SAVE LIVES.


In 2005 the Israel Defense Forces and Ezer Mizion, signed a landmark agreement which enables every recruit to join the registry as part of their army induction.

This collaboration constantly infuses the registry with young, healthy recruits of varied ethnic groups, greatly expediting DNA matches for many cancer patients around the world.

Ezer Mizion is committed to the continued growth and effectiveness of the registry by incorporating more IDF soldiers who, being young, healthy and of varied ethnicities, will have a significant effect on the number of lives able to be saved.

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