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July 7, 2015
By: Binyamin Chinkis
The chareidi public is privileged to have in their midst administrators with a rich record of work and a roster of merits. Many of them stand at the head of chessed organizations that serve as a model and paragon of help to others and support of those in need. Some of them are active in the spiritual-moral plane and others in the material-physical aspect. Some of those on our list of administrators are involved in businesses that are essentially private enterprises, but which impact the chareidi and the general public, as their administrators disburse significant amounts for charitable donations, assistance, and chessed projects. The common thread uniting them all: the Divine assistance that guides their work and serves as a benchmark in all their endeavors, as a help and support.
In this article, we assembled a limited number of administrators to represent the entire group. They are so many, baruch Hashem, that they cannot all be listed here, but their time will come. It should be emphasized that these business and administrative tips were culled from various interviews and articles in the course of years. Some of them can be implemented easily; others will require an investment of somewhat greater effort.
One more point: Before and after the talent, success, administrative intuition, and prosperity stands a pillar of fire in the form of the great Divine assistance that these individuals have merited.
“A Jew has to be a ‘businessman’ in his mitzvahs, too. Volunteer work and helping others is a good investment… A person should do something purely for the community once a week, once a month – to volunteer, donate blood, donate money, whatever he can. To get up in the morning and create, to always want to innovate.”
Rabbi Chananya Chollak
Founder and International Chairman of Ezer Mizion

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