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All Alone

A letter from a young mother with cancer read at the summer camp’s closing ceremony
Dear Dr. Zisser:
On a fine, hot summer afternoon, during a routine blood test that I did in the middle of an ordinary work day, the sky fell on me. This time – it was me.
I was all alone.
True, family members and friends encircled me and tried to give me their support, but still – I felt alone. On the way home, I was shocked to discover that life was going on as if nothing had happened. Traffic jams, drivers honking, impatience – business as usual. The solitude I felt just intensified.
Very soon, I found myself spending more time in the hospital than at home. Whether I wanted it or not, the hospital became my “home away from home.”
And then, in an encounter that seems “coincidental”, I first become familiar with the Ezer Mizion representative, who introduced herself and the fantastic organization she represents.
The opening words are somewhat hesitant. She did not want to bother me or to be a nuisance. But at the same time, she persisted, with determination and perseverance, time after time, encounter after encounter – until I understood that she was here to stay. She was there for me, appearing like a guardian angel at my low moments and high points, in tears and in laughter, like an unshakeable anchor.
With time, I also become aware of all the activities Ezer Mizion has to offer: Holiday events, Oranit activities, and of course, the piéce de resistance -summer camp for the whole family.
Dr. Zisser, I want to tell you that throughout this summer camp experience, I cried a lot. They were not tears of sadness or of fear or worry. This time, the choked up throat and teary eyes were the result of deep emotion.
I was profoundly moved by the fact that in such a cold, cynical world, there are warm people who care, people who are willing to give of their time and energy, people who are willing to do for others.
Ezer Mizion’s summer camp has brought me and my family tremendous pleasure. It was a desperately needed “breather,” filled to the gills with wonderful, exciting experiences. But most of all, it was a week that taught me about genuine caring.
My heart swells with joy to know that I am a member of such a people – a people that has within it islands of brotherhood, oceans of giving for the sake of giving.
For that – I thank you. Thank you for thinking of us. Thank you for the smiles, for the marvelous patience of the staff and volunteers. Thank you for the unbelievable organization, logistics, coordinating to perfection every minute detail, for all the surprises, for the great joy. Thank you for the encouragement not to forgo a single activity, even when it was difficult.
And most important – thank you for the unconditional love. Dr. Zisser, may you and all the people in Ezer Mizion always be on the giving end.

With all my heart,

Ornah W.


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