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Help Raise $200,000 and Be Part of the Effort to Build a New Ambulance for Ezer Mizion

Every $2,000 raised will uncover a portion of the ambulance below to show how much of a change we can make together.

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An Ezer Mizion ambulance is more than just a transportation service for the sick to get them to medical appointments, our ambulances also help people fulfill wishes they cannot realize on their own. The Ambulance and Transport Division plays an important role in allowing those sick or elderly to visit loved ones, participate in special occasions, and go to places that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

Help Raise $200,000 to fund the cost of an Ezer Mizion Ambulance

Every $2,000 raised will uncover more of the ambulance to show how much of an ambulance can be built.

Goal: $200,000
Collected Till Now: $[total_donation]

Travel by ambulance is often the only option for a person confined to a wheelchair or a bed. Regular treatments or therapy require the patient to travel to the clinic and incur astronomical expenses on a weekly basis. Israel’s health insurance funds cover transportation costs only for specific types of treatments – and even then, only up to 50% of the cost will be refunded. Ezer Mizion, with its fleet of 20 ambulances, offers comfortable ambulance transport to destinations throughout the country – at no charge, saving Israel’s handicapped population millions of dollars a year. The Ezer Mizion Ambulance and Transport Division was established to allow these people to transcend their physical challenges and get from one place to another safely, comfortably and with dignity.

With the health issues that have struck the world over the last year, our ambulance fleet has been in greater demand in Israel. We have an urgent need to increase our line to help more people. Please help us with our ambulance campaign which in turn will give the sick and the elderly the help they need.


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For every $360 donated a draw ticket will be entered in your name to attend the ambulance dedication and a tour of Ezer Mizion main facility in Petach Tikvah.
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