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An Application for…?

pr colorful_question_mark_vector_set_148455Rivka* was a hardworking home attendant, employed by Ezer Mizion to care for a frail, elderly woman. Her salary barely sufficed for her needs but she was content, knowing that she was doing important work. Her own sense of kindness intensified by the caring atmosphere at Ezer Mizion, she was constantly on the lookout for additional means of easing the plight of her client. When Rivka’s hours were over, she would return home only to care for another golden-ager, her own father. She cared for him devotedly but it soon became too difficult for her as his needs grew. And so, Rivka applied to Ezer Mizion in the hope of obtaining a male caretaker for her father. She knew that one of the major criteria for acceptance in any Ezer Mizion program is compassion and sensitivity and was confident that anyone sent by Ezer Mizion would take good care of her father. What a tremendous relief it was for both her and her father when a fine, considerate young man was found in the Ezer Mizion rosters. When Rivka discussed her father’s requirements with the new attendant, he mentioned that he is certainly aware of the needs of the elderly. His own mother is currently being taken care of by a gentle, sensitive home attendant from Ezer Mizion’s Homecare Attendant Service Department. “Let me tell you how she handles my mother,” he continued. As detail after detail came to light, Rivka’s face changed. It mirrored a sense of appreciation, gratification, a bit of embarrassment until she admitted to the new attendant that it is she that has been caring for his mother.
They spoke often after that, each one sharing the trials and concerns of his/her parent. They got to know each other well. They each liked what they saw. Hashem has many ways of bringing two people together and soon there was an engagement. A new home was to be set up among the Jewish people.
Both being challenged with serious economic situations, their finances precluded the purchase of even the most basic needs for a new home. Ezer Mizion, the parent organization of its Homecare Attendant Service Department, felt like the parents of the new young couple. Ezer Mizion undertook to assist them with furnishing their home with appliances, essentials and other support so that they could set up their home in a dignified manner!
And their real parents? Their parents are filled with wonder and awe at the heavenly means employed to bring their children together. And their hearts are bursting with joy and nachas.

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