Ezer Mizion Canada

An Evening of Appreciation

A special, moving evening was held to salute hundreds of Ezer Mizion drivers and volunteers, with the collaboration of the Modi’in Ilit region Maccabi Health services. Hagaon Rabbi M. Kessler shlita, Rav of Modi’in Ilit, Rabbi Chananya Chollak, International Chairman of Ezer Mizion, Mayor Rabbi Yaakov Guterman, and Rabbi Yaakov Lapidus, Director of the Ezer Mizion branch in the city, participated in the evening and addressed the audience. Many other public figures were present as well.
Mr. Ido Penn, Director of the Modi’in Ilit Region at Maccabi and R’ Nachman Neiman, Community Relations Coordinator in the city, pointed out that Maccabi rallied on behalf of the event, out of a sense of full partnership in the acts of chessed done by hundreds of Ezer Mizion volunteers in Modi’in Ilit, who are available day and night to assist the ill in the city and neighboring communities. “Maccabi is an inseparable part of the activities being done in our city to promote the residents’ health and give them tools to achieve a healthy lifestyle.”
“This evening is our opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation to these hundreds of volunteers,” said Mr. Ido Penn, Regional Director. “We were deeply touched to hear of the rescue miracle experienced by a Maccabi member, who told his personal story to the audience and warmly thanked the many emissaries for his rescue, among them, the staff at Maccabi and the Ezer Mizion volunteers who assisted in saving his life.”

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