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Appreciation Down the Line

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Ezer Mizion’s ‘ Corona Alumnae’ have selflessly volunteered to help others now suffering as they did, not so long ago. A group delivering cake to hospitalized patients received the following note:

On behalf of the patients here in the ward, we want to thank Ezer Mizion for the delicious cakes that your volunteers brought us and gave out to everyone with all their hearts from the world outside.

(You might not believe this, but we actually saw patients licking the cake crumbs!! For real!!)

The volunteers passed the appreciation down the line to those volunteers who had baked the cakes.

To the special women who prepare cakes to distribute in the hospital!!

We were there, we went in, and we saw with our own eyes… We went in with your cake!

With the cake you took the trouble to prepare, for which you bought the ingredients, mixed, kneaded, added cocoa, cream, etc.

We came in with your cake to the corona ward. We gave it out and fed the patients who cannot see the light of day! Patients who cannot be without oxygen! Patients who cannot eat by themselves! Patients who remain hours and days in the same condition in the same room, who cannot any more with the same four walls, with the suffering, with the pain, with the constant struggle for every breath and for their sanity…

That’s where we went, bringing your home-baked cake.

You had to see their eyes. What? A cake that wasn’t bought? Made by a human being? Someone whom I don’t even know is thinking of me? She worked and prepared, and you came to bring it to me?

You had to see with what joy they took another piece, so they should have another one and a different kind.

You had to see the appetite it gave them to eat something else which might be just what will strengthen them enough to b’ezrat Hashem (with the help of G-d) overcome corona.

You had to see how happy they were, how they thanked us, how excited they were, and that was your cake!!!

So next time,  don’t say, “Nu, it’s just a cake…”

Know that we were in the corona ward and we saw: Your cake brought life, brought happiness, brought strength, and lifted a lot of people’s spirits.

And we are certain that just as it was in this ward, so it is in every ward that your cake comes to. Your cake gives, encourages, and boosts.

And, at this opportunity, thank you also from us, for the privilege to give…

So there’s nothing left to say, but “Tizki l’mitzvot”!! Hashem will pay your just reward, because only He knows what you really did with this cake!!

And may you always, always, be on the giving end, with joy!

With appreciation and admiration,

Ezer Mizion volunteers

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