Tobi Liederman

We’re There When It Hurts

Ezer Mizion, Israel’s largest health support organization, that is constantly at the forefront of working for the sick, populations with special needs, the elderly and people undergoing mental health rehab, has once again expanded its wings to include the wounded in hospitals and their families, and unfortunately also those who are no longer with us. […]

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You Can Save a Life!

Murray (Moshe) Foltyn is a 42-year-old father of two young children who is currently battling a rare blood cancer. Unfortunately, no suitable donor has been found for him in bone marrow registries worldwide. This has prompted Jewish communities to rally together to find a potential match for Murray. Ezer Mizion, the organization running the world’s

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A Vacation from Cancer

Countless families are living under the horrific tension of dealing with the life-threatening disease that we don’t even like to mention. The occasional relief of tension does wonders for their psyche and revives the spirit enabling it to partner with the body in its battle for life. To provide emotional relief from the tension of

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Lonely No More

Aharon Shmueli, a holocaust survivor, is part of a large family but he was lonely.  Confined to his wheelchair and further restricted by covid isolation, he and his eight siblings had not seen each other for two years. When asked by Ezer Mizion to choose a ‘wish’, it took only seconds for his decision: a

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Down, Down, Down Until…

Dear Ezer Mizion Volunteers, You know me as “Moshe the dialysis patient,” who has many other problems that are secondary effects of my kidney disease. You did not know me before, when I used to run on my two feet, get up before dawn for my Daf Yomi shiur (Talmud lecture), daven vasikin (pray early

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There he was, speaking with enthusiasm, with confidence in front of several hundred people. A newly minted adult Jew in his pristine Bar Mitzvah clothing, chosen with such care for this very special occasion. Flanked by his father and grandfather, he was too involved to notice the tears in their eyes as they remembered. Scenes


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