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Bigger than a Police Battle

Gaya is a nine-year-old girl with dreams. Like all young girls, she dreams of what she will ‘be’ when she grows up.  A policewoman is Gaya’s first choice. She is fascinated by the detective work, thrilled by the chase of the ’bad guys’ and derives tremendous satisfaction from reading about bringing the criminal to justice. Gaya has plans. But Gaya also has cancer. pr canc sup policelady-Gaya 2014 4Will she grow up to realize her dreams? Ezer Mizion tries to give her the best possible chance by creating happy moments to strengthen her spirit.


And what would be a ‘happy moment’ for Gaya? The answer was obvious. Easy to figure out but not so easy to make happen. However, since when does Ezer Mizion allow mere logistics to stand in the way of creating a special day for a child with cancer? The phones and fax machines were humming.pr canc sup policelady- Gaya 2014 2 Problems cropped up. Problems were solved. More wrinkles appeared. But the tenacity of the Ezer Mizion staff quickly ironed them out. And then the day arrived. Gaya was brought to the Police Station for A Day as A Policewoman. She met her ‘co-workers’, was shown lots of police paraphernalia, even allowed to use some of it, rode a police horse to the envy of every child on the streets while her family snapped pictures of every joyous moment.

 pr canc sup policelady-gaya 2014 5

On the outside, each officer smiled as he was captured in a photo which will bring Gaya happiness for months to come.  But inside he cried-yes, men do cry-for a girl whose battle for Life by far eclipsed any battle he had engaged in during his police duties.  He cried and he prayed that she would someday join the force as a healthy adult,  that she would win in her fight with the monster named Cancer.

 pr canc sup policelady - gaya 2014 6

Special thanks go to Asaf Doron, Petach Tikvah Deputy Chief of Police of Petach Tikva, and Asi Benno, Unit 2 Captain   along with his staff, Moshe Al and Lital Zakin, who went to great lengths so that every moment will elicit a smile.

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