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Building Hope with Lego

Members of the Lego Club for family members of cancer patients at Ezer Mizion’s cancer patient guest home enjoyed a special perk: a visit at pr oranit lego 2013 1669_ne_photo_stories1_8c367the Lego exhibit at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Center. Entrance tickets were donated by the Ilanit Company, the Lego brand importer in Israel, who sponsored the families to this special treat.The Lego exhibit includes some forty items created from the famous Lego bricks by the New York artist, Nathan Savoya.The children, regular participants in Maor Cohen’s Lego club, and other children, who enjoyed a visit from Maor at the hospital during their hospitalization, were thrilled to see the impressive displays. As they admired the Lego creations, you could tell that they were setting themselves new, higher goals for their next Lego projects in the upcoming club sessions…Maor Cohen: “When I started the Lego Club for cancer patients at Ezer Mizion about two years ago, I admit that I did not fully understand the great significance of the entire family’s participation, not just that of the patient himself. Today, when I see how the Lego experience builds up the entire family unit, which is so fragile during this period, I realize the importance of Ezer Mizion’s contribution at this challenging period for these families.”pr oranit lego 2013 1669_ne_photo_stories3_05db5In honor of Sukkot and Pesach, Maor gets Lego sets donated to Ezer Mizion where they are given as holiday gifts to families with a cancer patient for the entire family to enjoy. Your sponsorship donation is welcome!


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