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Cancer Support: When the Pain is Too Heavy

It happens in many families. There are times when Abba is involved in a major business crisis and  Mommy has to hold up the fort. Or it can be Mommy who has to rush out of town due to a sick parent and it is Father that is left to take charge. But both parents? During a pandemic? With a Bar Mitzvah coming up? And a forlorn, young boy left to deal with is confused feelings with no support?

Cancer Support when the Pain is Too Heavy

The logistics of making a Bar Mitzvah were out of the question. The father was recuperating from major surgery. The mother was battling cancer. There was no new hat to secretly try on for the 453rd time, no notebook filled with lists. This major milestone was scheduled to happen with nary a blip. The parents’ complicated medical sagas occupied every iota of their minds and emotions.  But parents remain parents even under such difficult circumstances and idea began to sprout. A celebratory trip to the kosel for the three of them. Their son would love it. They knew that. But the idea was next to impossible to execute. Only ambulance travel would make sense but hiring an ambulance at such a time with no money coming in and expenses so high was out of the question.

Cancer support at its finest

“The Ezer Mizion fleet of ambulances has taken us to the clinic many times. It is used to transport patients for dialysis, therapy and the like. They are so busy.  Would they… ? “

“Yes,” said encouraging, cheerful voice on the phone. “We’ll meet with your doctors to determine the best way to handle the trip. Government entities will have to be approached to obtain permission to drive all the way up to the kosel. There are a lot of hurdles to overcome but we’ve done this before. We’ll do our best and will be in touch as soon as we can.”

Ezer Mizion staff worked hard but the parents had the hardest job of all– waiting. And then the call came.  It was a go! Mother, father and bar mitzvah boy were picked up by a trained driver who made them feel like royalty.  The ambulance was driven straight up to the kosel where they poured out their hearts in prayer, for good health, for a fulfilling, meaningful and happy life ahead for the new bar mitzvah boy. Ezer Mizion then treated them to a delicious breakfast in a restaurant and off they went home, fortified by their heartfelt prayers and by the knowledge that though they are facing a difficult period in their lives, Ezer Mizion is there for them, with them, to help them carry the burden.

Cancer support again and again…and again

Dovi is young. Too young to have faced the disease that so many don’t even want to mention. Twice! He knows the emotional strength it takes to climb that steep uphill path to vanquish the monster that threatens to crush his fragile being. .  Ezer Mizion was there for him during those difficult years, so he knew exactly where to turn when he received the devastating news that the cancer has returned – for the third time!

He wanted the merit of Rav Shimon bar Yochai as he begins a new round of treatment. And so Ezer Mizion worked a trip to Meron into its already crowded schedule. He was given all the time he wanted to pour out his heart, to draw strength for the long, difficult period that awaits him. Ezer Mizion’s team waited patiently until Dovi felt ready to move on and only then did they surprise him with a delicious dinner in a restaurant. His prayers and the caring radiated by Ezer Mizion’s staff will help him fight in his battle for life!

G-d decides the curves each one of us will navigate in our journey through life. Sometimes the pain is too heavy to carry alone and Ezer Mizion is here to help make that burden a little lighter, to ensure that no one has to do it alone.

Cancer Support: Your Generosity Will Make It Happen
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