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Light in the Tunnel (Mishpacha 12/14)

  The K. family’s living room was well-lit. But neither the sparkling chandeliers nor the glowing fluorescents could banish the darkness that prevailed there. As long as there were only suspicions and conjectures, they managed to somehow suppress them. But when the unequivocal results arrived, they could not ignore the facts anymore. The father of …

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Holding Our Hands

Thank You, Ezer Mizion In this letter, I would like to express my thanks to Ezer Mizion for their help in dealing with Bitu’ach Le’umi, the National Insurance Institute. Our daughter suffers from an illness that is characterized by both heart and pulmonary difficulties. We needed advice. there were so many aspects of dealing with …

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Partnership 5773: Yated Israel September 2013

Partnership 5773 The year 5773 draws to a close, and as is customary in companies and organizations at the end of the year, Ezer Mizion sums up everything that was done in all its divisions and prays for a better year in all respects. At Ezer Mizion, the year 5773 was characterized by significant expansion …

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There Are People

There are people who give to society with their entire heart and with modesty, There are people who in time of need are always there to help. There are people who help you overcome your fear, who extend a hand and say:  “We’ll get through this together.” There are people who give you a hand, …

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Love, Love, Love

Dear Mrs. Lerner, Several weeks ago, I accompanied my mother on a walk that Ezer Mizion sponsors for elderly women in the National Park. I was so impressed by the sense of responsibility exhibited by Ruth (the Ezer Mizion volunteer) that I felt that I must write to you.  Her pleasantness and kindness are reflected …

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