Golden Tributes

A Letter that Belongs to You, Our Dear Friends and Supporters

A Bas Mitzvah celebration is being planned at the Kosel for 100 holocaust survivors whose 12th birthday passed during the nightmare of terror with certainly no thought of a celebration. For many women,  the missing noting of this important milestone remained like a hole in their lives and they are extremely grateful for the closure

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Why Walk?

From the Ezer Mizion mailbag: I always knew that walking was important for your health, but after trying it, I discovered that it has a lot of other benefits as well, such as a positive effect on one’s mood and optimism, improved quality of sleep, increased limberness, and more. All these benefits come into expression

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What a Difference!

Dear Ezer Mizion, When I heard about the “Bonding with Motion” workshop to improve the physical capabilities of handicapped and home-bound patients, and especially when I learned that the workshop is geared for family members caring for these patients, I decided to check it out. I took a peek – and I was won over…

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Make A Wish

Dear Ms. Topper, Thank you so much for carrying out the “Make a Wish” program with Mr. Y. E., a resident of our institution for the last six years.  Words cannot express what an uplifting and emotional experience it was for Mr. E. – starting from the trip itself, and on through all the life

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