Hydrotherapy Tributes

Partnership 5773: Yated Israel September 2013

Partnership 5773 The year 5773 draws to a close, and as is customary in companies and organizations at the end of the year, Ezer Mizion sums up everything that was done in all its divisions and prays for a better year in all respects. At Ezer Mizion, the year 5773 was characterized by significant expansion […]

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Chalk Up Success to…

Dear Hydrotherapy Pool staffShalom U’vracha!Our son, Meir, has concluded his round of hydrotherapy sessions and we wish to express our deep admiration for his dedicated therapist, Ms. Yona Levi. Over the last two years, we have encountered a large number of paramedical therapists at various facilities, but we never experienced such remarkably warm, devoted care

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It’s Really Working!

Dear Mr. David, Shalom! I felt I just had to express to you how deeply impressed I am by Moshe and Didi’s phenomenal, highly professional work. My son, Shloimie G. has undergone hydrotherapy treatments in many therapy pools for twelve years now, but in all this time, he has never attained such achievements in motor

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