Medical Referral

Interviews at the Hospital

Yated Ne’eman – Yated Hashavua Sept. 19, 2014 By: Y. Shalev “YOU ARE OUR ANGELS” – A DAY OF SHARING THE BURDEN – WITH RABBI CHANANYA CHOLLAK AND THE EZER MIZION VOLUNTEERS IN THE TOUGHEST HOSPITAL WARDS “Ko’ach Ezer” – All-Embracing Help At the entrance to the Oncology Ward, the world stops. A fight for

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Strike A Match

All parents dream of the day they will accompany their child to the chuppah (bridal canopy) and see him found a family of his own. But for many parents, bringing that dream to fruition can be a nightmare! When the young man or woman has a medical condition that casts a shadow on his or

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Information on Heart Disease Can Save Lives

Hashavua B’Elad by: Yair Peled A joint initiative of Ezer Mizion and the Rabin Medical Center delivered important, updated medical information to the general public on the subject of heart disease, prevention and recognizing early signs. Following widely-publicized studies on heart disease and its prevention, many people have heard that early identification of heart disease

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