VOCA-Speech Impaired

Dr. Rachamim Melamed-Cohen

“There’s a very special person I’d like to tell you about. He’s written many books.” “Very nice,” you reply with a slightly bored expression. “With his eye.” “With his what???!” “Yes, with his eye. His name is Dr. Rachamim  Melamid-Cohen. Twenty-five years ago, at age 58, Dr. Melamed-Cohen was diagnosed with ALS. He was married […]

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Momentous Conference on AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication)

Ezer Mizion, a leader in the field of Alternative and Augmentative Communication, recently hosted a major conference whose purpose was to bring the latest innovations to both professionals and family members. The plight of those who were never given or who have lost their ability to speak has long been on Ezer Mizion radar. One

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Google Chooses Ezer Mizion

Google.org has announced the allocation of grants to promote technological innovations that will make the world more accessible and focus on solutions for people with disabilities. Ezer Mizion was chosen by Google for its project with Click2speak, an Israeli start-up, to develop an on-screen eye-tracking operated keyboard that will enable people with high cognitive function

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Yediot Acharonot, January 1, 2015             by Yaron Kellner The victory of little Yael, just 6-1/2, who has cerebral palsy (CP) and cannot speak: A special computer that will enable her and another 625 patients to communicate with the people around them was finally included, for the first time, in Israel’s Ministry of Health Basket List

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