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CFC Giving at the Workplace

Life has been difficult for all of us since the advent of covid-19 but especially grueling for the ill and the elderly.  Your friendship and support via CFC have eased the plight of hundreds of thousands who find themselves unable to cope with life’s challenges. On behalf of all those that have benefited from your generosity, we’d like to say

Federal Workers Giving at the Workplace CFC #11583

Thank you for caring!

Because you cared, 390 patients received a life-saving stem cell transplant in the year 2020 alone. Grandparents will read stories to their grandkids, young parents will be there to raise their children when they had feared leaving their children to grow up as orphans and babies and teens will now have a future.

Corona ‘alumnae’ with strong antibodies were trained to volunteer in Israel’s hospitals to relieve staff and bring comfort to lonely corona patients. Because you cared, isolated patients were able to call home, speaking to spouse and children for the first time in weeks.

A young senior on her second day of retirement was found unconscious due to a stroke. She’s home now after many months. Your gifts enabled family members to have rides to and from the hospital and hot meals to keep them going in addition to the loan of expensive medical equipment to help in her rehabilitation.

A volunteer was there at the bedside of a dying corona patient who had no relatives to say the final prayers with him. Later she and her husband were the only ones in attendance at his funeral. It is your generosity that ensures an effective volunteer department.

A desperately needed support group was founded for mothers of autistic children. Some mothers traveled two hours each way to join. Your gift helped accomplish this!

Dr. Rachamim  Melamid-Cohen, an ALS patient, was able to live a full life, even writing 20 books until his death at 83,  using the expensive communication tools provided by your generosity.

A young mother of a 6-week-old infant was admitted to the hospital with a brain tumor. The Medical Referral Department was there for her making certain she was switched to a more appropriate hospital and received optimum care…at 3:00 AM!

 Ezer Mizion is fueled by the gifts of concerned, responsible people like you.

We urge you to continue your support via CFC and sign up once again choosing Ezer Mizion-CFC #11583– as one of your charity choices.

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