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Hydrotherapy Pool staffShalom U’vracha!Our son, Meir, has concluded his round of hydrotherapy sessions and we wish to express our deep admiration for his dedicated therapist, Ms. Yona Levi. Over the last two years, we have encountered a large number of paramedical therapists at various facilities, but we never experienced such remarkably warm, devoted care and empathy as Ms. Levi offered.
During the acclimation period, when Meir cried a lot and found the water exercise very difficult, Yona armed herself with boundless patience and rare forbearance. She adeptly distracted him, calmed him and worked with him to the maximum level possible, until she gradually brought him to the stage where he enjoyed and took a lively interest in the water.
Ms. Levi made it her goal to advance Meir regardless of the effort involved and in the face of all difficulties. To this end, she rallied her finest abilities and strengths and invested special efforts in creating attractive stimuli to increase Meir’s motivation. She devoted thought as to how best to set goals to elicit his maximum and was not put off by any obstacles. Beyond any doubt, a significant part of Meir’s progress can be chalked up to her efforts – and for that, we are tremendously grateful.
It is important to point out that from a personal standpoint as well, Yona related to us, Meir’s parents, in the most wonderful manner. She was always interested and optimistic, constantly radiating a sense of caring, patience and genuine empathy.
The brief words written in this letter cannot possibly capture the full scope of our gratitude and admiration. May G-d repay you, Yona, for your efforts, and may your Divine reward be complete!
With our respect and appreciation,
The G. Family


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