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Chanukah Torch of Chessed

What Is a Menorah (Chanukiah)? - Chanukah - Hanukkah

Every day, at Ezer Mizion, we encounter so many miracles, small and big. We get to touch people in difficult situations, to give them hope and light.

On each of the days of Chanukah, we will illuminate a torch of action and chessed and share with you a moving personal story, each time from a different division. Thank you for your partnership and for your wonderful work throughout the year.

Happy Chanukah!

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Yaakov is the husband of a woman battling mental illness. He speaks frankly about his struggle in the shadow of the illness and about the support that Ezer Mizion gives him.

“The encounter with Ezer Mizion’s Mental Health Division opened my eyes and helped me understand that accepting the reality and ‘going from there’ is not only possible but the only option that will allow us to continue living our lives.

“Thanks to Ezer Mizion, I started dealing with my situation, both on an individual basis and in a group framework. I received the tools and strength I needed in order to cope. To people who are in my position, I want to say: We did not choose these ‘gifts.’ Hashem chose them for us. He gives us the gifts and He also gives us the strength to deal with the situation.

Whoever thinks he can escape reality and conceal it is mistaken. Ezer Mizion is my light in this saga. They help me achieve a better reality.  They have shown me that it is possible to deal with my challenges in a better way.

When we sit in Ezer Mizion’s support group, we share with each other. Each of us talks about what he is going through, and the social worker facilitating the group guides us along professionally. Each person has different problems, but there is much that se share. We are not professionals, but we are people of experience.  Under the guidance of the Ezer Mizion professionals we have learned how to  help ourselves. Thanks to this group, I’ve started breathing and living again.

Ezer Mizion’s Mental Health Division helps people struggling with mental health conditions and their families with a professional systematic approach and maximum sensitivity.

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