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Chessed on Wheels

From “Hashavua B’Rechovot” by: Chaim Reich

Driving to Bnei Brak, Jerusalem, or just to the center of town and want to do a chessed without any particular effort? A new chessed resource called “Galgalei Ezer” – Chessed on Wheels using What’s Up smart phone app was recently launched and is booming

A new group as part of the Ezer Mizion “Galgalei Ezer” volunteer transport network is now being formed in the Rechovot/Nes Tziona area.

In the framework of this group, people with cars are requested to offer their assistance and give people a lift to hospitals across the country or destinations within the city – with no special effort on the driver’s part.

“We are speaking of a network of drivers who are anyway driving in a certain direction, so why not earn a mitzvah in the process? I invite every one of the readers to call me and become a partner,” says Yoni Rottenberg, founder of the group in the region and chairman of United Hatzalah, on Staff 43.

According to Yoni, “As of now, there are 37 such groups functioning in cities across the country, initiated by Rabbi Meir Quinn from Kiryat Sefer. The groups include more than 1,000 volunteer drivers for Ezer Mizion.

In order to find out who is driving and to where, each of the groups created a virtual “group” with an application for transmitting immediate “What’s Up” messages. A group of this kind is currently being organized in the Rechovot area as well.


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