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Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Registry is the world’s largest Jewish registry and the 5th largest registry overall, with 1.2 million potential donors. This registry has become a lifeline for Jewish patients around the world who require stem cell donors of the same ethnic origin. The registry offers hope to patients who would otherwise have no other options for finding a match and serves as a safety net for Jewish patients everywhere.  

Ezer Mizion’s stem cell collection center currently has 3 apheresis machines that are used to collect stem cells. Each machine collected an average of 151 donations in 2022. Apheresis machines are vital in the process of saving lives because they selectively remove stem cells from the donor’s blood and return the rest of the blood back to the donor. This process helps manage symptoms, reduce complications, and improve the quality of life of the patient.  

The need for stem cell transplants is on the rise, and it is crucial to purchase a new apheresis machine as soon as possible to help us save more lives and provide more stem cells and blood parts (DLI) for patients who are fighting for their lives. The new machine will enable Ezer Mizion to facilitate more transplants much quicker than before. Ezer Mizion’s Bone Marrow Registry continues to grow and offer the gift of life and hope to more patients each day. 














All donations to this campaign that are not designated to a private donor pool, will become part of the Clear the Way Donor Pool. Each time a registrant from the Clear the Way donor pool donates life-saving marrow, you will be notified that you yourself saved a life!

A “Personalized Donor Pool” is a unique opportunity for an individual or group to sponsor the DNA testing of a segment of Ezer Mizion’s Registry. As a sponsor at this level, you can name your pool in honor or in memory of a loved one. You can then look forward to the gratification of receiving personal notifications in detail each time a registrant from your pool donates life-saving marrow. One cannot imagine a greater joy than hearing the words: You have saved a life!

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