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Medical Equipment  Dept.

  • A patient is about to be released from the hospital but only with appropriate equipment which will be available in 2-14 days. Remain in hospital during corona crisis? Not advisable. Go home without equipment? Impossible. Third option: send request to Ezer Mizion and equipment will be delivered in hours with professional demonstration and ongoing support.
  • Respiratory equipment needed for home-based covid patient requires two-month (!) wait for HMO physician ok. Out of the question, of course. But what recourse is there? Enter Ezer Mizion with no-cost loan and oxygen balloons refilled at no charge .
  • A hospitalized nursing home patient is released but cannot return to nursing home due to corona. A kangaroo feeding device is a necessity but unavailable for the home.   Now what? A friend recommends Ezer Mizion who has provided many of these devices for nursing home patients living with family during covid-19.

Golan Time is a most precious resource, but when it comes to saving lives — no job is too long.  A volunteer heads all the way to the northern army base in order to get a blood sample for genetic testing for transplant. Within six hours, the mission was successfully accomplished! Six hours to save a life!
Afula Utter helplessness. A disabled amputee in a wheelchair found himself alone on the sidewalk, with one wheel of his chair broken. There were no passersby due to corona. To his good fortune, an angel — Linked to Life volunteer— rushed to the site, lifted the man and the broken wheelchair into his car, and did not abandon his post until a technician was found to repair the chair and restore the disabled person’s mobility!

Haifa, Rambam Hospital Being in quarantine for 14 days isn’t easy, but 8 months of isolation (!) in the life of a three-year-old leukemia patient waiting for a transplant — is unfathomable… The only hope lay in medicines from a drugstore in Tzefat. Avi, a Linked to Life volunteer, together with the Haifa Branch, took care of picking up the medicines and driving with them to the ward where the sweet little patient is hospitalized. His whole life is before him, with Hashem’s help!

Ben Gurion Airport With the drastic drop in the number of outgoing passenger flights due to Covid-19, Israel cargo pilots have graciously undertaken the transport of precious stem cells to Belgium where couriers meet them and take the lifesaving units to their final destination. Here is a cargo pilot exiting the cockpit with stem cells that are on their way to saving a patient in Spain. We don’t let Corona stand in the way of our lifesaving efforts!
Rechovot Almost no one knocks on her door these days. When the elderly woman opened the door to find a Linked to Life volunteer, bringing two fresh-cooked meals for her and her husband, she couldn’t stop thanking the volunteer, as if she was the only one who’d been treated to such a visit that day! What she didn’t know was that in that same distribution, another 800 (!) seniors in Rechovot received fresh, hot meals — a portion of food for the body and a visit of love for the soul.
Netivot Five years ago, Colonel Yossi Cohen donated bone marrow and merited saving a life. These days, serving as commander of the Southern region of the Home Front Command, Yossi is becoming familiar with more of the organization’s efforts as we work hand in hand with him to provide aid to all who need it in the area. He has one thing to say: “Continue doing your holy work!”

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