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CP Won’t Stop Me! part two

Menachem Weiss, a “special” teen with CP, reports every week to Merkaz Ha’inyanim on an angle of life that he alone can talk about
Ezer Mizion Retreat 5774 – Continued
Shalom dear readers!
I already told you about the first days of the retreat. There was so much going on that I couldn’t finish it last time I wrote .pr sp CP Matan reteat 2014 10455222_342417389244537_6490612914829628756_n
On Monday morning, there was a learning session with Yair Avitzur, the head of our group, and he prepared us for the public test that would take place on the last day of the retreat. I usually do ok but all that prep certainly doesn’t hurt.
After the learning, Chezy Din the magician came and showed us some very cute tricks. The fun didn’t stop for a moment. Noontime, Arik Dvir came with his band and got us all dancing. The dancing was only practice for jumping ‘cause in the afternoon, they brought trampolines and inflatable jumping gear. And, in case there were any people who were not grinning yet, they gave out ice cream and slush and all kinds of other clever surprises.
After I enjoyed all the things around me, I had a pleasant surprise: My parents came to visit! We took them on a brief tour. We showed them the room where I sleep, and they also met some old friends of mine. Their visit gave me a shot of energy for the rest of the week. At the end of the day, as usual, there was a learning session, a perfect way for a Jew to end his day.pr sp CP matan retreat 10475589_342417342577875_4728562075554978884_n
Tuesday was a very interesting day. It started with a performance about a king who searched for happiness. It gave us a lot of food for thought in a fun way. After lunch, we went out and there, outside, was an authentic Bedouin encampment. They even brought a real camel and walked him around all the time. They gave out drums and big darboukas and we tapped along energetically, together with the Bedouins. Leave it up to Ezer Mizion. What will they think of next?! Later in the afternoon, we boarded buses and ambulances and set out for Jerusalem. When we got to the Kotel, they arranged us in rows under the awning and we sang some slow, inspirational songs. Then Rabbi Ezrachi arrived, and as always, he gave us a talk and some encouraging words. It always makes me feel wonderful to see how a person of his greatness cares about me. Then we all went over to the Kotel and davened Minchah. Every one prayed for the things that are important to him. We got back and had supper, and of course, finished off the day with a learning session. It was a really jam-packed day!
Wednesday, the last day of the retreat, we began by gathering in the auditorium, where we had the traditional public test on the masechet we learned all week. After the test, they showed us a short film of all the experiences we had during the week. When the film was over, we went to eat lunch, and after that began the closing banquet.
This year, they brought the Dickman Brothers band for the closing banquet, along with the famous singer Lipa Schmeltzer. It was really, really lively. We all danced and had loads of fun. They came the moment when we had to say goodbye. We gathered up our belongings and I parted with my friends, and of course from my fantastic counselor Yehoshua, who looked after me with all his heart and never forgot to give me occasional chocolates so I would have a sweet, happy time. This was my opportunity to thank him. I hope he didn’t have too hard a time with me, and if he did, I apologize and hope that if he won’t be married by next summer, he will agree to be my counselor again.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the organizers who worked so hard to give us a good time. I got home exhausted but very happy. It is just as Ima always tells me – that I set off with fears about all kinds of nonsense and in the end, I forget about it all and enjoy myself. But what can I do – I can’t overcome my worrywart habit.
A few days after I got back from the retreat, I had a surprise. Mordechai, my counselor from last year, called and said that he wants to come visit with his wife. When we were at the Kotel on Tuesday, he came so he could see me, but he got there a few minutes late and we had already left. I was sorry I missed him and I was thrilled that he did not give up and came to visit me at home. It was really nice and I was happy to get to know his wife too. It is very special when people keep in contact with me.
Until next time,
Menachem Weiss

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