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Dreamotherapy Partners with Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy heals the body. Dreamotherapy heals the soul. The medical profession has long discovered that the spirit of the patient has a dramatic effect on the body’s ability to fight disease. Always in the forefront of new possibilities, Ezer Mizion’s Donald Berman Rehabilitation Center maintains a ‘Make-A-Wish program for its cancer patients.  It may be a small boy experiencing  the joys of ‘being a                                                                                                   pr cancer support Amit plane ride 2013 998429_218207911665486_216592756_npoliceman for  a day’ or an elderly musician once again being on stage doing what he loves best. Recently a young boy was asked what he would like for his fourteenth birthday. With a shy, hesitant grin, he answered unequivocally, “ A plane ride!” 

“No problem,” came the immediate response of the Ezer Mizion staff member who has many times before made the impossible become reality. And the wheels began to turn. Contacts were made. Meetings were held regarding medical needs. Bit by bit, the ‘plane plan’ began to take shape.  And Amit’s grin became wider and wider.  Unbelievably, it looked like it would really happen.

And it did! Amit’s fourteenth birthday was celebrated above the clouds. It was the experience of a lifetime with Amit talking to the pilot in exclamation points during the whole trip. And the pilot?  Soaring way beyond the confines of the earth and feeling a bit closer to heaven, he sent his prayers upwards to the Supreme Healer…prayers for a young man just entering his teens…that he be granted the privilege of growing to maturity…prayers for life. Happy birthday, Amit! May you have many, many more!

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Along with cancer’s frightening medical repercussions, the dreaded disease brings with it a host of other challenges, and drains families’ physical, emotional and financial resources. The Ezer Mizion Cancer Support Division offers patients and their families comfort, love and support, as well as an array of professional services tailored to meet their unique needs. The latest in technology enables a child to join his friends in the classroom while still remaining physically at home. Summer camp for patients and their families enables every member to re-experience family fun and re-discover the relationships that have eroded due to the nightmare that had taken over their lives. Ongoing psychological support allows the patient and those close to him to develop the tools needed to cope with the monster named Cancer. Ezer Mizion’s Petting Zoo serves as a backdrop for Animal Therapy where bunny becomes best friend. These and so many other divisions provide the hand in the dark for so many facing serious illness.

For further info: www.ezermizion.org


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