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Dreams…Should They Be Allowed to Wither and Die?

Dreams are Ageless.
ambulance IMG_2569When the spirit has a desire but the impediments of the aged, physical body hold him back, does the dream remain suspended in space only to wither and die or…?
With a lifetime of relationships, a lifetime of experiences, the aged often have desires. How sad when many desires remain unfulfilled due to physical challenges.
A homebound senior has a brother-equally homebound-living in a distant city. They longed to meet once again, to laugh over childhood antics, to reminisce over the past and share the present. Their challenges made that impossible until a friend suggested contacting Ezer Mizion.pr Ambulance Divisionfrom Yachasai Tzibbur 3
An elderly grandfather prays at home three times a day from a yellowed, aged siddur but he yearned to touch the stones of the Kotel once again. Traveling by bus, even by taxi, is impossible. Shall he forego his dream? A kindly neighbor phoned Ezer Mizion. The myriads of logistics involved did not phase Ezer Mizion. Another dream became reality.
A granddaughter is performing in a school production. Grandparents are invited but what if the Grandma is wheelchair-bound, needing a professional to transport her? The family called Ezer Mizion and it was Grandma who clapped the loudest in joy, in pride, and in gratitude to those who made it happen.
A Sephardic disabled mother is miserable. Her daughter is getting married and she will be missing the “henna”. How can it be! Not to share this precious moment with my daughter?! SOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhe called Ezer Mizion. Tears welled up in the eyes of every guest as they watched mother and daughter— together.
An elderly musician sits in his wheelchair dreaming of days gone by. He was a conductor. A producer of music. A creator of joy for the public. And now? Now he sits in his wheelchair and creates nothing. How he yearned to be on stage once again, a baton in his hand, guiding, producing. What an absurd dream, he told himself in his more practical moments. But spirits are not practical and dream persisted. A word slipped here and there. Ezer Mizion understood. Wheels began to turn. Phone wires buzzed. And the day arrived. No dream could have compared to the utter joy at being given an opportunity, once again, to do what he loved best.
Ezer Mizion’s Ambulance Division transports thousands to doctors, to treatment centers and dialysis clinics but 70-100 slots are reserved each year to enable the spirit of the aged to thrive, to flourish, to re-experience satisfaction and joy…to Fulfill A Dream…


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