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A bright spot in the nightmare of battling a monster named Cancer

With our normal, day-to-day lives, we cannot imagine the anguish of the parents of a cute little boy dealing with a monster named Cancer. Even a nightmare can have its bright spot. Read how Ezer Mizion created that bright spot for little Shachar with the big, wide grin:
Six year old Shachar had a dream. He loves music and could often be found with an imitation microphone in his hand, pretending to be a radio singer and singing the latest popular songs. Schachar’s parents also have a dream. More than anything, they want their child to live. You see, Shachar has bone cancer.
While the oncology clinic treats the physical illness, Ezer Mizion treats the emotional and psychological ramifications of cancer. The patient, his siblings and parents are traumatized by the nightmare that has taken over their lives. With love and caring, with fun and games, trained professional staff deal with the worries, the fears of the family utilizing such pleasurable activities as sand play, stories, music and even a petting zoo. As is medically known, the body and spirit are closely related. Ezer Mizion, therefore, also tries to bring joy into the life of the patient to better enable his spirit to help the body in its fight for life.
To Shachar, joy and singing were synonymous. And the ultimate of joy would be actually singing, not with a fake microphone but with the real thing, at a real radio station. At Ezer Mizion nothing will stand in the way of bringing joy to a small cancer patient. And that is how Shachar found himself, together with many of his friends at Ezer Mizion’s home for cancer patients at the radio station singing away like a pro.
The song Shachar and his friends chose to sing was a popular Hebrew song titled: “How Good it will be in the New Year”. The song talks of the simple dreams that people have, sitting on the porch together with family and appreciating the little things in life.
Like to share his joy? Just click and join Schachar, radio star for a day!


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