Ezer Mizion Canada

Every Minute

I am the daughter of a sick mother who is in pain most of the time.  Although she tries to hide it and takes painkillers, we, her children, witness her suffering and her refusal to accept the reality of this terrible illness.
However, with my own eyes I saw how, as soon as we arrived at the vacation site, all her sadness disappeared.  Despite her continued pain, she took part in all the programs and activities.  This vacation made us feel as if we were in an earthly Garden of Eden; we enjoyed every minute and every activity.
The staff was fantastic, the logistics were superb, and everything was given in abundance and with graciousness.
If it is possible to say that there are angels here on earth, then it is you, all the staff of Ezer Mizion and Oranit.
May G-d grant you every blessing. We love you very much and appreciate everything.


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