Ezer Mizion Canada

Every Single Day

I feel happily compelled to express our thanks, appreciation and admiration to the Ezer Mizion food services department in Jerusalem, under the direction of Mrs. Ditza Hertzberg. For many long weeks, we sat alongside a family member who was hospitalized after undergoing surgery in the cardiopulmonary department in Hadassah Ein Kerem. From the moment we made contact with Ezer Mizion, we received a hot meal every single day, served with a smile.
You cannot imagine what a lifesaver – literally – these meals were for our family… At times, this was the only real food we ate all day! It truly gave us the physical strength and the boost of morale we needed for the balance of our stay.
A special thank you to the dedicated women who toil, each in her own kitchen, to prepare the meals, with the loftiest intentions, despite their many other responsibilities, actualizing the words of Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin, “Man was not created for himself, but rather to benefit others to the best of his ability.”
We can only bless you that H-shem should heal all the ill in Klal Yisrael, and that your work should be necessary only for the benefit of woman after birth and the elderly…


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