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Yated Ne’eman – Reshut Harabim
July 8, 2014
My one-year-old son fell and needed the gash on his head closed up. When I spoke to the Kupat Cholim’s hot line, I was advised to go directly to an emergency clinic under the auspices of the Kupah. Since I knew that the Kupat Cholim has a collaborative arrangement with Ezer Mizion, I asked if I could go there, rather than schlep to a distant clinic. They told me that Ezer Mizion does not do gluing.
But when I called Ezer Mizion, I learned that the doctor on call at Ezer Mizion does glue cuts. Indeed, we went there and were taken care of at the reduced cost of seven (yes, 7 !!!) NIS.
I want to take advantage of this important milieu to thank the people at Ezer Mizion for their courteous attention, speedy service, and warm smile.
Remember, even if the Kupat Cholim tells you that a particular service is not administered at Ezer Mizion, before making the trip to a remote clinic, it is always better to call and check with Ezer Mizion. It could well be that you can go there and save time, traveling, and perhaps even money.
Refuah shleimah!
B.B. Bnei Brak

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