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Linked to Life: Ezer Mizion in Yavneh Too
The one to pick up the gauntlet in Yavneh is Avi Babai, known to us all as Yavneh’s MDA medic, zooming on his motorcycle to every place in town.
Ezer Mizion is a non-profit organization working to help every patient who needs assistance, as well as his family. On a day-to-day basis, Yavneh resident 31-year-old Avi Babai, works as a kashrus supervisor in town. At the same time, he gets around on his MDA motorcycle and is on call for Magen David Adom, where he has been serving as volunteer for the past decade.
Ezer Mizion’s activities extend across the country. In recent years, “What’s App” groups were formed under the name “Linked to Life,” numbering thousands of driver members from every corner of Israel. The group’s objective is to locate people with vehicles who are available to offer their help.
“In the course of our everyday activity, we can do kindnesses for people without virtually no effort. For example, I’m in Tel Aviv, in the area of Ichilov Hospital, and at this very moment, a patient is waiting there to get home. He lives in Rechovot, and – for example – so do I. The Rechovot group posts a message that a patient has to get from Tel Aviv to Rechovot. If someone is in the area and can do it – he picks him up and brings him home. That is the goal of the group, to enable people to do no-sweat chessed. You’re anyway driving in that direction – why not help a patient get to where he has to go and cannot get to on his own?”
“For a while, I was connected to the Rechovot group, but we decided to open a separate group in Yavneh. We aim to spread it as much as possible. As of now, we have twenty people in three days. So far we received two calls – one, a woman who has a business in Yavneh and is willing to fund a taxi twice a week for a woman who has to go in for blood tests. Second, a woman who is currently unemployed who is willing to help. The goal is to get to as many as possible – there is no target number because we always aspire to more.
If you want to contribute, contact Avi Babai by SMS or What’s App: 054-311-0409.

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