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Ezer Mizion Volunteers are Always on Standby and Ready to Provide for Families in Need

pr food delivery IMG_0174After Tuesday’s harrowing terrorist attack at the Bnei Torah Synagogue in Har Nof, Jerusalem, Rebbetzin Tzipporah Heller, the Mother in Law of one of the injured, shared her personal story of the events.
She described the frantic phone call from her daughter expressing that her 12 year old son just ran home from the synagogue after escaping the attack and that her husband Shmuli was still unaccounted for. After learning that her husband was injured and transported to Haddassah EIn Karem Hospital the family hurried to be by his side. Mrs. Heller expressed thanks to the hospital social worker and Ezer Mizion:
“The hospital social worker, Aviva, who is blessed with the rare gift of being empathic without being overbearing, and the women of Ezer Mizion (a volunteer organization) kept us well supplied with food, calming conversation and practical advice.”
Ezer Mizion is always on standby and ready to provide families in need with a kind word and nourishing meal. Every year, Lottie’s Kitchen – Ezer Mizion’s food preparation headquarters in Jerusalem, prepares over half a million meals, sandwiches and snacks for families of sick and hospitalized patients. Every day, dedicated Ezer Mizion volunteers deliver the food to hospitals and the homes of sick people, bringing encouraging words and emotional nourishment along with the nutritious food.
Donate to Lottie’s Kitchen of Ezer Mizion today.
You can help us keep Lottie’s Kitchen stocked with nourishing food that our volunteers deliver daily to family members staying with hospitalized patients, to families with a sick or disabled parent, and to victims of terror and their families. Click here to donate now.
Ezer Mizion continues to pray for the complete recovery of Shmuli and the many other victims of the attack.
Read the Full Letter by Rebbetzin Tzipporah Heller

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