Ezer Mizion Canada

For our Special Children the Clubs are Everything!

Dear devoted Ms. Menucha Finkelstein,
Director of the Ezer Mizion Activity Clubs,

You cannot appreciate the full extent of the need for some chesed organizations until you yourself need them.

If you never stood there, helpless and confused, because your child was lost –
How could you know what a lifesaver the Gamach for Lost Children is?

If you never had a baby late Friday afternoon –
How could you know what a Gamach Sholom Zochor is all about?

If you never felt at a loss, deciding which doctor to turn to –
How could you appreciate the value of a Medical Referrral Gamach?

Only parents of a special child who have experienced the Ezer Mizion activity clubs – can fully appreciate that for our special children – the clubs are EVERTHING!

First of all – they are a home away from home! – warmth, concern, acceptance, and unconditional love.  Words aren’t necessary; just take a look at a child who comes home at 6:00 – the happiness in his eyes says it all!

They are also a school! – Make no mistake; these clubs are not “babysitters”. Here the children learn and develop in all areas: Forming good habits, developing social skills, individual work with professional guidance, arts and crafts, home economics, music therapy, computers, thought development and creative drama. They even arrange to bring the children to their paramedical therapy sessions.

And they’re even a camp experience – Their brothers are almost jealous, because the Ezer Mizion clubs are lots of fun: An especially attractive gymboree room, to encourage activity and sensory stimulation, trampolines, interesting films, refreshing trips and outings to the park.

And yes – it also gives us parents a breather.

As parents with plenty of rich, successful experience – we just wanted to say thank you!



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